Spring is here! Ready, set, clean!

Spring is here! Ready, set, clean!

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Here is a game plan for the spring cleaning. Don’t dread it! Just do it!

This easy 6-step plan will help you tackle all your tasks over several days or weeks, so you can have clean, refreshed house, on your schedule.

1. Declutter just a bit first- find a new place for anything that does not belong in the room, but is visible. Make sure you don’t overwhelmed yourself. Clearing the clutter first will make the deep cleaning easier, plus seeing the tidy spaces will motivate you to get going!
2. Start high, go low- start with highest and hard to reach surfaces in this order: ceiling, ceiling trim, ceiling light fixtures (including bulbs), walls, baseboards. The best tool to use is a clean microfiber mop or duster.
3. Do windows! First vacuum the sills and tracks. Then spritz windows with cleaner from top to bottom. Let the cleaner do it’s thing, then squeegee it off.
4. Spruce up the window treatments. You don’t need to take them down just vacuum it using brush attachment. Instead of laundering your curtains, just fluff them up in the dryer for a few minutes.
5. Ditch the dust! Wipe off your hardware surfaces using a petroleum distillate-free beeswax-abased wood cleaner.
6. Refresh those floors! Yes, you need to move your furniture to get dirt in the hard to get places and along the baseboards. If you have a hardwood floor clean it with microfiber mop. If you have a carpet it is a good time to hire a professional cleaning company.


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